With a focus on the health sector

I add the human perspective to the development process

         1. Research
  • qualitative: interviews, observations
  • journey mapping
  • desk research
  • exploratory workshops
  • ideation + concept

         2. Development

  • prototyping
  • co-design sessions
  • data visualisation
  • documentation
  • product design

         3. Unified Experience

  • design guidelines
  • knowledge database
  • educational workshops
  • follow-up research




Designing a lamp is simple. Building a car is complex.

Designing a medical product - which has to comply with a myriad of strict, critical regulations, consider multiple stakeholders, and most importantly consider very sensitive individual and intimate needs of the target users - That's complicated.

Healthcare is filled with complicated challenges. It’s also very human

Healthcare is a sector which is inherently the closest to the fundamental human needs. Thus , the human (user, wearer, patient…) cannot be left out of the process of service or product development.  

Human centred design is all about translating needs into tangible solutions, without letting the user out of sight. 

In my practice, I navigate between the humane and the formal, complicated sides of the business.
I uncover human stories and adapt those narratives for use in product development and then its further life cycle. 

My designer's expertise and value are in observing and extracting the complicated and often unspoken details of patient’s experiences, discovering addressable issues, and building solutions.



I am a designer and researcher with a strong focus on Human Centred Practice and meaningful, positive impact projects.

I have spent the last 5 years working in the medical sector, with a global leader in orthopaedics/prosthetics, where I've applied the principles of user-centricity and design thinking to the process of product development. 

From the earliest age I've been obsessed with drawing cars. The fascination with machines, shapes and movement took me to study at Design Academy Eindhoven, pursuing the Man and Mobility specialisation.

As a part of my degree, I've spent five months in Mumbai, India, where I've worked with Mahindra Motors' design team, contributing to the development of their new SUV model. My time in Mumbai has inspired me to work on my graduation project. It was related to mobility, yet it wasn't a car that I went on designing.

Having experienced the overcrowded city, I’ve started exploring the emergency healthcare accessibility and designed an (rickshaw inspired) ambulance, fit both for Indian traffic and public health system.

From then onwards, my primary interest has been in human well-being, and so the mobility in its most fundamental form. 
I work with  companies in the health sector bringing users' needs to the core of their processes. 



The projects I've worked on in the last years, are sadly all confidential and not available for public display. So, if you'd like to know more about how I work, please get in touch!