During his internshipn in Mumbai, India, Pascal de Boer

    experienced the dynamics of a developing megacity first hand. used to navigating by bicycle, he decided to do the same in Mumbai. Weaving through traffic he was not only faster than cars and buses; he even passed by an ambulance with blaring sirens. This triggered the design of a new type of ambulance for congested streets; a higly manoeuvrable electric quadricycle with a minimal compartment for a patient and paramedic. This lightweight polycarbonate vehicle the size of an extended rickshaw, stands to save more lives than a regular ambulance in case of emergency.





    This is a short video in which I explain the project and its process. To see the individual steps more in depth you can scroll down.




    To get a better understanding about the context, one that is not naturally mine, I did a more elaborate research to cover all facets faced during this process.



    To get a better grip on the thing I was about to create, to improve the ambulance service, I started sketching early on. The first phase was to determine what type of vehicle would be the most effective as an ambulance. Later on it was to define shape and details.




    After an elaborate exploration on paper on how to mix the components of a motorbike, quad, car and minivan, I continued on the computer to get everything more accurate and concrete. Like people, dimensions, proportions and shapes.




    The project was first shown to the public at the Graduation Show, during The Dutch Design week in November 2014.


    To show the ambulance in its context, I created a 1:20 scale maquette, to explain the ambulances form and function in detail, I had a printed 1:10 scale model on display.


360 VIEW


    Use your mouse to rotate the vehicle in any direction and view it from any angle.


    The stretcher with patient will be carried by the paramedic and driver, and loaded via de back of the vehicle.

    Both the driver and paramedic enter the vehicle from the left, the pedestrian and safe side.